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Our Story

Copy of Copy of Kaiya Farms & Market Gar

Kaiya Farms & Market Garden started after the still birth of our daughter, Kaiya, in 2017.  Along with the support of our families and communities, the light that helped us through that dark time was gardening. 


What began as a memorial garden under a lilac tree where Kaiya’s ashes were buried has grown into bountiful raised beds, hugelkulture mounds, and straw bale gardens overflowing with fresh produce, smiles, and comfort.   


Now, 4 years later, we are so excited to be launching our business and sharing our bounty of fresh and local plants, produce, and flowers grown right here in North Buxton, Ontario with the help of our families, friends, and community.

Who We Are

Aimee Johnson is Anishnaabe from Walpole Island First Nation. Her tool box of skills includes an extensive background and passion for land stewardship, environmental education and community building.


Chris Prince is a seventh-generation descendant of former slaves who migrated via the Underground Railroad to find freedom in North Buxton, Ontario. His ancestors have been farming this area ever since. He takes great pride in being an accountable steward of the land and an active member of the community.


Together with our 4 children, Solomon, Owen, Christopher Jr, and Zuri we take pride in growing food that we can share with the community and hope to create a legacy of sustainable and local food production that future generations will be proud to carry on and be healthier because of it.

Why We Do it 

We Love Growing Good Food!

We are passionate about growing food and building self-sufficient, sustainable, and resilient people and communities!  We are excited to learn the best ways to grow things so that we can share the techniques with those around us.  We hope the fresh produce, cut flowers and starter plants that come from our efforts will bring you the same food for your mind, body, and soul that they provide us.

Our Values

Best of the Old, Best of the New

We utilize traditional teachings and practices from both of our ancestral backgrounds mixed with modern systems and technology that help us to get better at growing more while using less space and causing less environmental impact.


Leave Everything Better Than You Found It

We want our future generations to know that we were thinking of them.  Everything we do today should positively impact the world seven generations into the future.


Inspire Passion

We love what we do and are always happy to share what we know in the hopes that we can inspire others.


Better Than Organic 

We are always excited to try new methods to improve the efficiency and sustainability of our Farmstead.  While our market garden is not certified organic, all of our produce and flowers are grown using organic methods and we strive to be even better than organic certified.



We are driven to create healthy soil so that we can grow healthy food that shares a symbiotic relationship with an ever-improving environment. Always seek ways to become a better farmer.


Have Fun & Give Thanks

We strive to always find ways to enjoy what we do, even in the toughest of times and to always be thankful for what we have in life.



       Thank you so much for being a part of our circle of love.


Gratefully yours,

Aimee, Chris, Solomon, Owen, CJ, & Zuri


Every year we put all we have into every seed

so the healthy plant can share a bountiful harvest with Everyone.

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